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End the overthinking, stress, burnout and playing small once and for all. My clients have been able to:

And make life-altering decisions - such as whether to stay married or leave their job - feeling empowered, with clarity and confidence.

You, too, are meant to live an extraordinary life!


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Stephanie Marie Madeleine Super Wellness Woman

"I thought I was happy before: I was close to my family, had many friends, got a full education, was successful professionally and enjoyed several hobbies, all that at a young age.

This was nothing compared to the level of joy I experience now living in the present, fully knowing myself, and in my dream relationship."

Stephanie Marie,

Super Wellness Woman

Stephanie Marie is an international expert:

● in identifying the subconscious patterns that are holding you back in life and in love,

● in leading you to joy by transcending pain,

● in empowering you to craft the best relationship with yourself and your partner.

She is truly a love & wellness alchemist!


Stephanie is One-of-a-Kind and Changed My Life

"Working with Stephanie was one amazing and very much appreciated experience in my life! Her professionalism in coaching showed off straight away in our first session, and I could not only taste her spiritual side, her deep understanding of energy work, and much more!... She was able to recognize and address all the challenges I came across during my time working with her. She was able to hold space for me, so I felt safe to open up and let her help me with the darkest topic I came across in my life. I could not go through it alone, nor with other coaches or coaching tools I had then. Her intention to reach down to me felt like 'life-saving' at that time and very much appreciated, valued, and I will always be grateful for her act to do so. It has changed my life, and the light came through again so I could carry on my path, feeling safe again. I very much miss working with her, as this was an extraordinary and life-changing experience!"

Ludmila Simekova, Piano Coach and Tutor, United Kingdom


Stephanie's Guidance Led to Two Promotions

“A friend referred me to Stephanie when I was struggling through some significant relationship challenges. Most importantly, I needed to improve the relationship I had with myself. Using her deep expertise and intuitive approach, she helped me create habits and self-care rituals that now allow me to show up for myself and others in new ways with more love and confidence on a daily basis. And in fact, I recently received two promotions at work! I appreciate the support she brings to my life and would recommend her to anyone looking to develop more self-love.”

Sarah, Corporate Director, Connecticut


Stephanie's Experience Stands Out

"What was really cool, first of all, is that I felt seen and heard by Stephanie. She is an expert in relationships. She is got a whole lot of experience in helping couples. What she offered was so different from any program I have been in or any other coach I have worked with. If you are on the fence about working with Stephanie, my invitation is to do it."

Angela, Intuitive Coach, Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Stephanie's Healing Presence Led to a Major Breakthrough

"Stephanie has an ability to listen deeply, to take in and hear what I'm saying on a very deep level. I found that the most healing.  It's her own healing presence I felt is the most significant.

She led me through a hypnosis journey she called “Hiking to Freedom”. Her voice was so relaxing, gentle and kind. This incredible inner journey led me to some really deep insights that will help me to move forward in my life today. I saw things from a new perspective and released some things that were holding me back. I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting to go on a journey of discovery to uncover some inner treasures."

Shlomit Sheena, Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Mindfulness Based Neurocoach


Stephanie's Coaching Lays a Strong Foundation for Change

"Stephanie can help you understand yourself better and give clarity to your inner voices, providing a space for clear and unambiguous introspection that can be used as a solid base to improve your life and social relationships."

Marco, Research and Development Engineer, Arizona


Stephanie's Coaching Allowed Me to Break Through My Self-limiting Beliefs

"I would recommend working with Stephanie to anybody who wishes to understand themselves better. The most interesting part  is because she is very caring and at the same time very professional, she brought things up in a way that didn't make me feel bad but instead brought a lot of clarity".

Neeta, Hospitality Manager, United Kingdom


I Recommend Stephanie to Anyone Seeking Holistic Healing

"Stephanie is a highly skilled and expertly trained hypnotherapist and wellness coach as well as a Reiki Master. She is very insightful and her intuition is very keen. She will definitely help you help yourself. I highly recommend her!"

Ron, Accounting Professional, Arizona


Stephanie Helped Me Tap into My Inner Knowing

“Before having a coaching session with Stephanie, I didn’t know what I wanted and was trying to figure out my desires. I thought I had to fit in and do what everyone is doing. I have always been introspective, and I reflect at the end of the day everyday but talking to Stephanie really helped me get clear on what I want.”

Lakshmi, Engineer, Arizona


Stephanie Is a True Professional

"Stephanie has got a lot of experience and she is a lovely lady. She really does care. Anybody that's interested in working with Stephanie, I highly recommend her. She is one of those people that you just don't find. She is a real gem."

Christine, Massachusetts


Stephanie Guided Me to Find My Inner Strength

"Every time I talk to Stephanie, I learn something new about how to see myself and how to reframe the issues I am facing. Talking to her and learning about these things helps me connect to the spirit within me. Stephanie really listens to my words and feelings to provide me with supportive feedback that goes beyond encouragement. I always leave my sessions feeling empowered and curious."

Angela, Occupational Therapist, Califormia


Stephanie's Support Helped Me Make a Major Life Decision with Confidence

"I worked with Stephanie during a major time of transition in my life. She was able to help me see some of my blind spots so that I could move through my challenges with more ease, confidence, and inner peace. She's also very intuitive and insightful and helped me see my situation from a different perspective, which resulted in me being able to make a major life decision with clarity and contentment."

Noelle, Massachusetts



My extensive background in transformational life coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, and energy healing (Reiki Master) led me to create my own modality: "Energetic Relationship Coaching".

This unique technique will gently move you through any block.

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Warning: happiness is a common side effect of working with Super Wellness Woman. Please proceed only if you are ready to step forward.

What if this could all be yours?

Just imagine that you are on a dream vacation surrounded by the people you love. You just went on an epic adventure and are laughing your heart out remembering the details with one another. It was a long day walking and trying new things but you are in such great health that you just need a good night’s sleep and will be doing it all over again tomorrow.

You love what you do for work and your work makes a positive impact in the world. You are naturally talented at the tasks that are required of you. The people you work with are just as enthusiastic and committed to the overall mission. After work, you still have lots of energy to enjoy the rest of the day and be present with your loved ones.

You have a clear plan on how to take care of your body, mind and spirit. The small and big worries of the past do not bother you much anymore. Life is so much easier. And if something shows up, you know with certitude that you are fully capable of successfully navigating the situation and have friends you can reach out to if you need support.

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You want to know about what I do and how I can support you. Let's chat!